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Buried Alive – Japanese Urban Legend of Human Sacrifice

Hitobashira (人柱 human pillar), is a Japanese tradition of human sacrifice, buried alive under or near large-scale buildings like dams, bridges, and castles, as a prayer to the gods so that the building is not destroyed. Click here to watch … Continue reading

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The Legend of The Draugr The Viking Killer Zombie

Draugr are zombie like figures from Viking mythology and folklore. They exist either to guard their treasure, wreak havoc on living beings, or torment those who had wronged them in life. Visit to know more https://youtu.be/A0WFmk_-NY8

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Palmyra The Cursed and Haunted Island of The Pacific

The Pacific does not likely come to mind as a place that’s likely to be haunted. Yet there is a small, uninhabited island in the corner of the world that has, over the years, experienced a number of disturbing, paranormal … Continue reading

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Toe Sucking Prostitute Vampire From India The Chedipe

In Hindu myths and legends the Chedipe (which literally means “prostitute”) is a vampire prostitute. She is believed to enter a man’s house naked sexually assaults him in the night and suck his blood through his toes. Watch here now … Continue reading

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