Inspired Flight by Darel Long

The idea for Long Aeronautics was born by both virtue and concept in 2012. Since 2012, a small, private and dedicated team moved my idea from concept to working model with no costs, no budgets and no monies to fund the project.

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As the Official NRL Store of the NRL, we can help you keep your match-day kit up-to-date with the latest NRL League Jerseys for all the teams in the NRL.

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Carl Kruse – The Boros Bunker


The Boros Bunker, originally designed by Albert Speer in 1942 as an air raid shelter for top-level Nazis, metamorphosed into a banana storage during the Communist era, then into a rave hotspot in the 1990’s before finding itself in the hands of Christian and Karen Boros.

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“Have you missed the bitcoin, etherium, ripple craze? You don’t know what is the next big thing? Well you don’t have to! One thing that we all know is that they all require mining operations to be created. With influx of new crypto assets in the market there is a need like never before for mining facilities.

You have great opportunity to gain your foot into crypto world by investing in ground breaking Envion ICO, Off- Grid Blockchain Mining infrastructure that will be paying 161% ROI annually on your investment for the life of the company. No time to delay ICO finishes January 14th. JOIN NOW!!”

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Buy smart frame | Memento Smart Frame | Buy digital photo frame | Picture frame-home


Digital Photo Frames are great for the home or office, and even make wonderful gifts, especially when preloaded with photos from your digital camera. Abt offers a great selection of digital photo frames with features including interchangeable frames, MP3 music support, and much more.

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Free Book: “The Whale” Reveals How He Just Made $30 Million Dollars!


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This book is selling on Amazon right now for $24.95 per copy, and is one of the highest rated autobiographies in its category. But at the link above, The Whale will give you this book for free so that you can discover for yourself the exact formula that he has used to make millions, and how you can copy him doing exactly what he does, and share into the success.

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Adidas NMD 慢跑鞋 | 愛迪達originals台灣官網


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Check out UK companies before you deal with them

Site offers free company information so you can check out UK companies before you deal with them, great for getting an idea of how long they have been trading how strong they are financially and so on.

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HighRewardCoin – New generation decentralized digital currency!


New generation decentralized digital currency, based on the experience of 1000 traders for generating income for million customers. HighRewardCoin has developed a progressive and innovative credit system highly superior to those of the competitors, since objective is to integrate several marketplaces of digital finances. HighRewardCoin have refrained from daily payouts due to recognizing the increased risks of lowered interests for investors’ community. Instead, HighRewardCoin have projected the plan that presupposes the payments in specific periods with increased interests depending on the deposit amount and chosen duration. Such an approach secures the proficiency of investing in ICO sales, mid- and long-term trading or operations with binary options.

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Personal page: Darel Long


Personal page: Darel Long

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