Finally, there is good news for German Brandie lovers!

Taste Brandy is opening its new store shortly, and that’s going to make its customers even happier than before. Good news is that it is going to be a same-day delivery with no customs charges attached. The makers have ensured that the shipping price would be moderate about 4.99 EUR against 14.99 EUR earlier. Each price tag will include German VAT and excise that means, no extra charges during check-out.


Even adding more to the surprise, this natural fruit German brandy seller told that they are soon going to venture into a B2B section where restaurants and shops selling Balkan merchandise and dishes can get high-quality Slivovitz (Homemade) that too in a wholesale price.

Though the planning is in beta stage, the company is confident enough to kick-start on these new plans within next couple of weeks. They are eyeing to make the inventory even bigger than the last time by planning to add more high-quality old and rare brandies to the existing section.

Those who don’t know, Taste Brandy is a popular brandy seller, especially Serbian slivovitz type that is made up of natural fruit brandy, made in the traditional way from ripe plums. One can get to know them more by visiting their website.

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