The persons who have made the most out of online casino

Online Casino games are luck driven, but if you managed to get through multiple jackpots subsequently, your bank account might swell like anything. Recent past has witnessed many players who have a large amount of money by winning Online Casino Games.


Under 5 million Zone

The list can be started with Gamago who made into a jackpot win of 5 million dollars in the history of one of the largest online casino, PartyGaming on Dec 2 2009. Similarly, on 9th Dec 2013, Swede, a 26 years old guy from Stockholm won-dollar worth 4,962,485 from an Arabian Nights slot machine. This win is considered as the second largest win in the history of the online casino from Unibet Sweden and third largest worldwide.

Between 5 million to 10 million

Now, in between a winning amount of $5 million to $10 million, there are another six names. Starting with the lower one, the person to be named is Klaus E. from Finland; he became instantly millionaire by making nearly 5.56 million dollars by placing a bet of $0.50 on a progressive game of Mega Moolah slot machine. Similarly, another deep-sea fisherman from Aberdeenshire got his biggest payout of $6.9 million against a 20p per spin in Halls of God Casino. Similarly, John Orchard of Lincolnshire, Georgious M from Greece and a woman from Sweden won $7.4 million, $7.5 million and $9 million respectively.

Top 3 big win outs

The 3rd spot in this regard of Online Casino has been held by a young woman from Norway who made $13.9 million on 24th September 2011 and created a history of “the Person who won the biggest progressive jackpot ever” by Guinness book of world record. The 2nd position has been retained by a 40 years old Norway man who won nearly $21,311,628 on 20th January 2013 from a  Scandinavia bet 25 cents. Finally, the topper of this list is Mavis Wanczyk. She in Oct 2013 played Wednesday’s Powerball in North America and claimed $759 million winning amount straight into her account. Go to online casino site to play.

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