Breezeway Productions Film and Event Coverage bring the Hollywood Action To You!


Breezeway Productions is a full-service production company, which specializes in Red Carpet Event Coverage and Independent Film Production.

Our Website: www.breezewayproductions
Instagram: @Breezeway_Productions
Facebook: @BreezewayProductions

We have spoken with well-known celebrities such as: William Shatner, Luke Wilson, Paul Sorvino, Michael Sheen, Moby, Garey Busey, Ed Asner, Richard Lewis, Kevin Sorbo, Ernie Hudson, Jon Faveru, and many much more.

Our goals are to end up covering The Emmys, The Golden Globes, and The Oscars. We hope to build our fan base so people will join us along the ride!

Looking to promote these three Social Media sites as a priority. We also have a YouTube Channel:

And you can find Breezeway Productions on 2 separate channels. One is my personal, the other is for the company. I want to meld the videos but I don’t know how too :/

Our best accomplishment with our independent films, is with our project “The Convicted” (2015) which ended up playing at The Cannes Film Festival in France, wonderful trip and experience.

We have also produced “Lack of Cockery” (2014) and “All My Brothers” (2017) We are in development of three different upcoming scripts.

All to be found on the website!!

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