Shawnstoppable On Fire! Comedy that is genuinely easy to relate to


Who doesn’t like new and original memes, funny but honest views on real life, and the voice of empathy that makes awkward situations in hindsight amusing? Shawn Mitchell is a new up and coming comedian, building both an online and in-person following through memes, and stand-up routines. Playing of his own vulnerabilities and insecurities, Shawn manages to find humor in a way that everyone can relate to – you’ll appreciate his transparency. If you don’t immediately fall in love with him, you’re not meant to love anyway! Don’t let this small town kid from southern Illinois fool you – he’s been all over the place and wants to share his life through the lens of comedy and satire.

The charismatic and adventurous 30-year old comes with a unique voice and offers a humorous outlook on real life situations. His escapades range from satire in dating to work etiquette, and finding solace in “functional alcoholism”. Leveraging his friendships with key people in his life, Shawn provides a very authentic perspective on social situations with a touch of cynical comedy. If you follow his Facebook page, you’ll find it’s a growing addiction to witness. Followers should look forward to his developing repertoire of both real and comedic content.

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