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“Once upon a time, in an era of mass production, media and all, there lived a little girl who still believed in fairy tales, that the good must defeat evil. Hence she refused to grow up, helping people discover themselves and the true meaning of values on her way. Values that are long forgotten. Her task hasn`t been easy, but she enjoys the process. And she doesn`t want to stop there. She wants to create something that tells the story. A story that everyone can relate to. A story that helps people find out who they really are, where they really belong. And most importantly: what truly matters. So she started to write it all down. And she wouldn`t stop until it`s complete. If it will ever be complete…It all started with a dream…”


Timea Tokes is a self-published author of paranormal romance and erotica. She was born in Hungary in 1987, and has been writing since a very young age. Although her mother tongue is Hungarian, her passion for books, writing and reading in English started when she was 10. Dracula was one of the first books that she read in its original form, and one that has had a huge impact on her relationship to the supernatural. She also has great interest in the medieval times. It is no surprise that her first series is paranormal romance, which is based on a mixture of dreams and reality, where she combines a medieval setting (dreams) with the present. In fact, it all started with a dream for her, quite literally, as the original idea for her story came from a recurring dream that she had when she was 16.

Apart from paranormal romance, she has written many poems, both in English and Hungarian, as well as short stories, including steamy erotica. Writing has always been her most treasured dream, as well as helping others achieve their own dreams. As she put it:

“I ultimately want all women to see a part of themselves in Lia (the protagonist of Her First Secret). We all dream of a knight galloping in on a white horse, and my book will compel readers to weight up how much of life is fate, and how much of our destiny we create for ourselves.”

Her stories are available to purchase via Amazon, both in kindle and paperback format.

Note from the Author, Timea Tokes:


“My dear, lovely Reader, thank you for taking the time to read my story! I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. As always, your feedback is highly valued and much appreciated. Please do take the time to scroll to the end of the book and leave a review. It would mean the World to me! And remember, this story is all about your pleasure. I host monthly giveaways on my blog, and you can get a free book for signing up to my newsletter, as a small token of my appreciation. Thank you for your support once again!”
Visit here to read more https://www.timeatokes.com/


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