A new campaign needs backers for a project


And here is my campaign…

Around 10 years ago, the campaign creator lived and studied in California… He drove a lot throughout the state, but unfortunately, did not record the views I saw since dash-cams were not as popular as they are today…

If you do a little research, you’ll see that despite there being so many beautiful highways, boulevards and streets in California, there are almost no proper and smooth dash-cam videos of these gorgeous views… His plan is to travel to California again this summer and produce a comprehensive dash-cam gallery of all the famous Californian highways, boulevards, streets, etc.

He knows that it means hours of recording, but there are two things… firstly, it’s his hobby… and secondly, just think about it… A nice collections of smooth videos from the drivers point of view, all from the same angle, under proper day-light… covering the entire routes of the state… that’s going to be something huge and original…

But as you may guess, such a journey will be expensive… there will be travel and accommodation costs during my stay in California… car rental and vehicle related costs… also I’m going to need professional GPS-enabled dash-cam(s)… or the GPS device and HD recording dash-cams separately… so he needs your help to be able to complete this campaign.

The backers will have access to all the raw dash-cam recordings… so they can view their favorite routes and make time-lapse or slow-motion versions of the videos… it’s going to be incredibly fascinating…

The estimate of the total expenditures on the campaign is around 25,000 $, but the campaign creator will set the goal flexible so that if the collected amount exceeds this he can also obtain drones and underwater recording devices to add air and underwater footage to campaign! Just think about it, this adventure is going to be huge! It will be a comprehensive video map of the state of California! But it will only be possible with your help.

The campaign creator lives in Cyprus Island and his biggest hobby is driving and dash-cam recording from the driver’s point of view

He has a nice collection of dash-cam recordings from Cyprus

He also has dash-cam recordings collected from his trips to neighboring countries…

If you are willing to make a donation you can simply visit: http://bit.ly/2kDVA09

Any amount of donation will be much appreciated.

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