Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Kusadasi

Kusadasi is one of the Turkish Mediterranean’s most widespread cruise ship ports, and this dock town is all about sun, sea, and fun holidays and is known for its bargain shopping and lively entertainment scene.

Some of the tourist attractions in and near Kusadasi are listed below:


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1.    Ladies Beach

This beach is two kilometers from the town and is the most popular belt of sand in the zone directly surrounding Kusadasi. There are many water sports and plenty of cafes and can rent sun loungers and umbrellas.

  1. Priene

Edged in by mountain views, the ruins of the Hellenistic city of Priene are scrupulously photogenic. One of the star attraction here is the Temple of Athena, with its classical design while the 6,500-seat theater is remarkably well-preserved.

  1. Miletus

Miletus is another great port city of the Hellenistic period, though as its port did not silt up the main occupation here sustained right through to the Seljuk era of the 14th century. Not to be neglected is the vast theatre, with its 15,000 seats and excellent views from the top levels and dates from the Greek era but was systematically rebuilt by the Romans.

  1. Kirazli

The pretty village of Kirazli was surrounded by orchards and vine-covered fields. This is the flawless place for an afternoon of twisting through passageways lined by traditional whitewashed village houses and drenched up to the peaceful pulse of Turkish life. There are many divine restaurants and cafes here. If you’re a foodie tourist then come here on a Saturday for the farmers market, which specifies in local organic produce.

  1. Dilek Peninsula

It is full of beautiful mountain scenery and rocky coastline views, the Dilek Peninsula is the national park area that makes an outstanding, easy day trip from Kusadasi which is 26 kilometers away. There are many beaches for sunbathing and swimming such as Aydinlik Beach and Karasu Koyu Beach.

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