Why you might read the #beautiful #story in I #Believe In #Butterflies

It could spark a debate and perhaps the world, has enough things to debate about. For the sake of argument, however, let’s talk about a new fiction book titled, I Believe In Butterflies. It’s written by Marian L. Thomas and scheduled to launch on May 21.

Why would a contemporary fiction book stir up a debate? The book, I Believe In Butterflies, is a fictional story that follows three women on an unparalleled journey for redemption. Nothing to debate there. However, it’s one of the main characters in the book—Lorraine, that has potential. It seems Lorraine has lived twenty-three years believing that she is a white woman. When she discovers that her long-held belief is nothing more than a fallacy, all she has held dear is shattered.

“Lurking underneath Lorraine’s story, lies a young woman looking for her own social classification,” Thomas stated. What is social classification? That’s the debate. It will be interesting to see how readers respond and to read the discussions about this topic that might be blasted throughout social media land.

The paperback edition of I Believe In Butterflies is already available for pre-order on retail sites such as, amazon.com and Barnes & Noble.

For more information on the book, visit http://www.ibelieveinbutterfliesbook.comi_believe_in_butterflies_2_copy(1).png


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