Top 10 Islands in Indonesia that you must explore here

Indonesia is one of the biggest places in the universe that has been blessed with so many natural sceneries, including Islands. Whether an Island is small or big, everyone knows that every island is beautiful, and some of these naturally developed places have a lot of attractions that people from across the world love to explore and learn. Indonesia, as you know has about 17,000 beautiful islands it might not be easier for anyone to visit all of them. So, here are the top 10 Islands in Indonesia that are rich of culture, beauty, and natural sceneries. You will fall in love with these places. Let’s see what those top 10 Indonesian Islands are.

Top 10 Islands in Indonesia


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A hub of international airport, and a place where you need to land to start your journey to explore the beautiful places in Indonesia. You cannot skip this land.


From leisure to shopping to culture, this beautiful place has everything for you and for everyone. It is a historical hub with several ancient buildings and cultural monuments to envision. Here you will get a mix of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Mount Bromo

If you want to see some live volcanoes, then you must not skip this awesome place. It is surely one of the most iconic places that you cannot miss when in Indonesia.

Lake Toba

After hectic travel, you can visit Lake Toba to spend some quality time while doing the relaxation. You will love this awesome lake. Take a full body massage and eat delicious food to company the beautiful weather to please you.


With full of zest, Bali is one of the most visited places in Indonesia. It has beautiful beaches, volcanoes, temples, and night clubs where you can do party and all.


It is a quiet place away from the rush of Indonesia. This place is for those who want to relax beside blue water and mountains.

Southern Sulawesi

It is a beautiful Island in “H” shape. It looks as beautiful as its shape. You can experience cultural diversity here along with live volcanoes.


It is one of the least explored places in Indonesia.  It has thick forests that attract foresters but not everyone. This place is for those who love the natural beauty and mountains away from the hustle bustle of the city.


Another beautiful Island in Indonesia lists Java. You may not experience the natural beauty here, but due to the culture and the nature of the people, it is considered one of the most popular Indonesian areas to explore.

Komodo National Park

If you want to see the largest Komodo Dragon, then this is the place that you must visit.

These are the Top Islands in Indonesia that you must visit when you travel to Indonesia. Out of 17000 places that are in Indonesia, you may not want to ignore these islands. Plus, you can visit many more Islands as per your list of beautiful Islands in Indonesia.

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