TCL 560 Smartphone | 5.5”, HD, 8 MP, 5MP, 4G, Eye verify security has brought TCL 560 smartphone for you. This phone, as of now, is exclusively available at Amazon with bumper launch discount and freebies. You will get 3GB mobile data for idea, and 7 lucky customers will get 100% Cashback as well. Price of TCL 560 smartphone is 7999 rs, and you are getting a whole sum of good features.

The best feature of TCL 560 is the “eye verify”, which provides extended security. Nobody can open your phone except you. This feature identifies the owner by his / her eye contacts, which means your eyes contact with its 5 MP front camera is the password of your phone. Lets have a closer look at the features of TCL 560 Smartphone.

Check out Features and Specifications of TCL 560


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