Brandy from Serbia – Experience the Real Taste

Being a companion after dinner, brandy stays with you four hours while you delve into the real flavour of your favorite brandy. Whether you are alone or with friends, the real flavour comes when you have the right brandy. So, here are some of the best brandy bottles from Serbia that you are going to love.

Brandy from Serbia – Experience the Real Taste

Plum Brandy Slivovitz 23 years old

It is one of the best Plum Brandies older than 23 years old. This brandy is a perfect choice for occasions like child birth celebration, wedding, etc.


Manastirka Slivovitz

Packed in a beautiful bottle, it is a double-distilled plum brandy, which is made up of Pozegaca (one of the most aromatic plum) from Western Serbia region.

Manastirka Slivovitz

Old Falcons Plum Brandy 12 years old

You get the real flavour of brandy when it is aged. Older one will be your favorite, and this Falcons Plum Brandy is 12 years old. This is made up of Natural Plum. It is aged for 12 years on Oak barrel to get you the best flavour so that you enjoy it for hours with friends.

Old Falcons Plum Brandy 12 years old

Yellow Wasp Superior Slivovitz

With a perfectly balanced combination of sugar and acids, this is made up of ripe plums. It is very well bred having aroma that you will love.

Yellow Wasp Superior Slivovitz

Golden Thread of Gruza Plum Brandy Slivovitz

As the name says, this Golden Thread is aged for 7 years in a cellar. Serve it chilled for the best pleasure.

Golden Thread of Gruza Plum Brandy Slivovitz.png

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