Chilli-B50 Selfie Camera phone with Facebook, Dual Camera in 1149 rs only

Have you ever desired to buy a phone with facebook and dual camera for 1200 rs or less that works as a smartphone? Yes, here an all new Chilli-B50 Selfie Camera phone, which is actually not a smartphone but works like a smartphone. You might think how it works like a smartphone. Price of the Chilli-B50 Selfie Camera phone with Facebook is just 1149 rs, which means you can fulfil your dreams to use Facebook in your phone without even buying a smartphone.

The phone has a 2.8” QVGA display, which is good enough to use application like Facebook. Not only the phone has Facebook but also it carries DUAL CAMERA. Yes, you are getting both Front camera and rear camera. The phone has 0.3 MP camera on front end, and also in the rear side. You can capture beautiful shots while taking awesome selfie as well.

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