Shocking Facts about Indian Baba’s and their wealth


Shocking Facts about Indian Baba’s and their wealth

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Health and Taste in My Plate


A must read book for Health Conscious People – Health and Taste in My Plate: 8 Delicious and Healthy Recipes

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The Legend of The Draugr The Viking Killer Zombie


Draugr are zombie like figures from Viking mythology and folklore. They exist either to guard their treasure, wreak havoc on living beings, or torment those who had wronged them in life.

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I Will Do Product Description Writing For All Types Of Products


Are you looking for the best #product #description #writing for all types of products at lowest price? Contact now for best prices

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Palmyra The Cursed and Haunted Island of The Pacific


The Pacific does not likely come to mind as a place that’s likely to be haunted. Yet there is a small, uninhabited island in the corner of the world that has, over the years, experienced a number of disturbing, paranormal occurrences, shipwrecks, and murders that have led many to believe that it is fact, a cursed island

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Dinner’s On Me Visit to know more


Dinner Is On Me is a funny adult bib guaranteed to get you lots of laughs and attention.

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Toe Sucking Prostitute Vampire From India The Chedipe


In Hindu myths and legends the Chedipe (which literally means “prostitute”) is a vampire prostitute. She is believed to enter a man’s house naked sexually assaults him in the night and suck his blood through his toes.

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Be Sensible: Join the Sensible Man at NDBA

Sensible (1)

The No Douche Bag Mission –

There is a problem in the world today, and that problem is people who do not know how to behave. Folks have become rude, offensive and mean, They throw trash around the planet and they just do not care. The worst part of all: they are stupid about it.

These people are ‘Douche Bags’. We want people to stop acting like douche bags. Douchebaggery needs to stop being tolerated.

In order to rid the world of douche-baggery we intend to expose this bad behavior in all of its shapes sizes and forms. We will put out douche-bags moments and expose them to you in the cold, hard light of truth.

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Rainbows Stop Hate – You can be a RAINBOW!


You have the power to Stop Hate Now!

The Reality Is: Tolerance without question, of any ideology that preaches hate and eradication of anything that is simply going about its’ life and being a productive member of this planet is a dangerous slide into psychosis. It should be questioned thoughtfully and then replaced with the humanity which will guide us with love and joyful bounty to the future. Be a Rainbow – STOP HATE!

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FAIRest of them all: a story book for everyone


The fairy stories we’ve come to love, with 360 equality and diversity.

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