Let the Writer for Romance help you with your online dating profile and get the kind of dates you want!


Are you getting enough response to your online dating profile? Are you unsure of the impression your online dating ad conveys? And are you attracting the type of person you want to meet? Contact the Writer for Romance, where help with your online dating ad is just a keystroke away. And while you are visiting the website, please get your free ebook, “Is Your Date a Delight or a Fright?”

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Got a headache from smoking?

RauchenSmoking is super unhealthy, German case study by Andreas Fuchs shows cigarette smokers get headaches much more often than non smokers

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The conflict with North Korea is getting worse… should you be worried?

gas2400340_19201024x683According to U.S. President Donald Trump who said a “major, major conflict with North Korea was likely to have over its nuclear missile programs”; while China said, “the situation on the Korean Peninsula could escalate or slip out of control”.

Read more here – http://can-it-hit-me.com/

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Albanian Music Songs 2017


The Published music songs are of different styles from Albanian known artists from around the world. Thanks to the artists for outstanding / brilliant work (several songs are now internacional popular). Enjoy a very good entertainment with Albanian Music Songs.

Read more here – http://bit.ly/2uC2Uip

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Ketogenic Weight Loss: Become a Fat Burning Machine, Increase Energy, Reduce Risk of Disease, and Improve Cognitive Function

KETO_Cover-min (1)

Beginner’s Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

Read more here – http://amzn.to/2vR64CV

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Risk management & compliance solutions the way you want them to be

Risk management & compliance solutions the way you want them to be: Easy to use, scalable, flexible and safe! or Leading edge risk management technology. or Manage risk faster, better and easier with safe, scalable and cloud based RMIS. Or: Manage risk and compliance with ease with leading edge risk- and compliance technology from Riskonnect.

Riskonnect is the trusted, preferred source of Integrated Risk Management technology, offering a growing suite of solutions on a world-class cloud computing model that enable clients to elevate their programs for management of all risks across the enterprise. Riskonnect allows organizations to holistically understand, manage and control risks, positively affecting shareholder value.

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Looking for great insights in software development? Read this

_O4C3660Today I stumbled over this unique blog on software development. I am not a software developer myself but I learned some interesting details on Microservice architecture and now I feel like I should apply for a job at Google! Well,… maybe not. But I enjoyed reading through it anyway. Other content is a bit scarce right now but I think they just launched their site recently and I liked the writing style enough to recommend it anyway. I will certainly keep them bookmarked.

Read more here – http://bit.ly/2fvUFlH

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USIUSI-Tech, the worlds first fully automated Bitcoin Trading Platform with a return and compensation plan that is innovative and truly life changing.

USI-Tech have spent years perfecting the ‘Robot’ software tool to trade on auto pilot. They have now launched a Bitcoin trading platform and opened it up to the masses.

Now and for the first time ever, you can now start with just €50 – NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED WHATSOVER?

Read more here – http://bit.ly/2hMYQtJ

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Generate cool catchy username ideas at SpinXO.com

Username_Generator_Screenshot_LargeCool, catchy username ideas for social networks, blogs and games. Check username availability on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube and other social networks. For personalized name suggestions, add some keywords that describe your character, hobbies or things you like.

Visit here to get a username for you now

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Hybrid Innovation – New Quality And Style


Most of the different cloud storage management systems can be installed locally but the management repository is maintained in the cloud. Depending on the form of the cloud storage, it can host of many tenant storage environment which is mostly used for unstructured data or it can provide a protected dedicated storage environment for any company or individuals using it, thereby creating room for customization depending on the company or individual needs. But the hybrid has the ability to function as both on-premises and public cloud storage services.

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