Project your presentations effortlessly any time on day with the bright X341

X34110061 (1)

Project your presentations effortlessly any time on day with the bright X341. Designed for meeting rooms and classrooms, this small projector boasts sRGB accurate true to life color reproduction, long lamp life and energy-saving features to provide you with a low overall cost of ownership.

This projector is easy to connect to with multiple inputs, a built-in speaker and USB Power. Perfect for connecting HDMI dongles such as the Google Chromecast and the Optoma HDCast Pro (sold separately) or a laptop, PC or Blu-ray player for clear projected images with sound. Portable and lightweight projector can be installed or taken on the move for off-site meetings with the optional carrying bag (sold separately).

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Independent Tenant Eviction Services Team supporting Landlords throughout the UK in regaining control of their properties


The process of removing a tenant from your property can be a time consuming and costly task, more often than not it is also a stressful and difficult process.

Here at Landlord Express Limited we specialise in making this process as quick, efficient and stress free as possible by taking over all aspects of the eviction from the landlord and dealing with it in a professional and efficient manner to realise the return of the property to the Landlord in the quickest possible time.

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The Only Real Estate Wholesale Course You Will Ever Need!


Learn to buy real estate without using your own money or credit with this $599.00 course for just $1.

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Help Kevin Grow and Recover! He can’t grow his leg back, but he can grow his life back!



He was driving his motorcycle and was hit by a semi truck, crashing into a guard rail. His arm skin was severly damaged and partly ripped off. They were able to graft skin to that area, however, his foot was smashed so badly that they had to amputate his foot/leg at the knee.

Help Kevin Grow and Recover! He can’t grow his leg back, but he can grow his life back!

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There are dozens of plastic surgeons in San Antonio that specialize in a variety of procedures, including breast augmentation, liposuctions, lip augmentations, Botox®, and more. And while it seems as though it would be easy to pick and choose exactly what he or she wants, it is important for a patient to consider his or her medical history, the risks associated with the procedures, and the reputation of the plastic surgeon and its practice.


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Daily news overview from trusted media, handpicked & translated for you.


Leakslate translates the latest breaking, international and global news and leaks about the world from trustworthy sources to different languages, making it possible for you to be updated easily and quickly in your native language on a daily basis.
Leakslate Team is handpicking essential news stories from many trusted news websites on a daily basis, and excellent translaters are working to translate the stories from English to your language as a volunteer job.

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Are you looking for relief from back pain once and for all? Check out this new back pain blog which talks about exactly how!


Penetrex is an intensive treatment cream for severe discomfort associated with back and neck pain.

This highly effective pain relief cream is manufactured by a reputable company with a large customer base. There are many satisfied customers who have gotten relief after using this cream.

The manufacturer of this product claims that it is fast acting and long lasting for various types of pain as verified by a long list of positive reviews.

Give this quality pain relief cream a try

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Meet Franca Carbone for your real-estate needs – an Award-winning licensed Real Estate Realtor Serving Somerset, Hunterdon & Warren Counties – NJ Realtor



Specialties: Buyer’s Agent, Listing Agent, Relocation, Property Management
Franca Carbone

Award-winning licensed Real Estate Realtor Franca Carbone has successfully worked with both buyers and sellers for more than 16 years. Currently associated with Keller Williams Real Estate, she is based in Clinton, N.J.
Franca understands that the process of buying real estate is among life’s most exciting endeavors, and ensures a rewarding, enjoyable experience for her clients. She also possesses an intimate knowledge of the region’s neighborhoods, including amenities, schools, and comparative marketplace pricing.

And for sellers, Franca relies upon cutting-edge technology, including advertising and social media—as well as consummate skills in staging, arranging repairs & improvements, negotiating the purchase contract, arranging financing, overseeing inspections and handling necessary paperwork, all the way through closing.

Franca was awarded the Circle Of Excellence Sales Award in 2015, which sits alongside her Silver Level Achievements in 2013 – 2017.

Serving Somerset, Hunterdon & Warren Counties – NJ Realtor

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Guaranteed Profits From Football Betting Tips!


Football Betting Tips

Do you need a reliable soccer prediction site that can give you risk-free soccer predictions for today with the right working contact information?

Then, look no further as is a reliable and efficient company having an email channel where you can keep contact with them.

As one of the best soccer prediction sites, is known with its high-end dependability making millions of bettors subscribe to there selections. There long-term profitable strike rates make them top-notch within the industry. They are one of the best legitimate websites offering a section where clients or visitors can post their questions and get their feedback as soon as possible. Football betting tips promises to provide you with an exciting and high end profitable experience with there football predictions.

Although this whole process demands time and getting financial rewards, you do need patience, devotion and continuous commitment, therefore if your ready to start betting at a professional level, then this football tipping website is just for you.

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Note: If betting is not legal in your country, do not do it.

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Things To Consider Before Choosing A Plastic Surgeon in San Antonio


Before considering any type of plastic surgery in San Antonio, Texas, it is highly recommended for a potential patient to spend significant time doing research on plastic surgery procedures, options available, and more importantly, the plastic surgeon and practice.

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